Audio & Podcasts

My favorite way of consuming media has always been by listening. Every week when I was a kid, I checked out new audiobooks from the library and I was always listening to the radio from the backseat of my mom's minivan. In middle school, I got my first iPhone and discovered the podcast app, which exposed me to a whole new world of storytelling and curiosity. Shows like Planet Money and Nancy exposed me to knowledge that I would have never learned in the classroom. After years of avidly consuming audio content, I started creating it.  Click on the images for more!

Producer: From Where We Are
Reporter/Producer: National Recovery Month with a mom who lost her son to Fentanyl
Production Intern: Lovett or Leave it
Production Intern: Keep It
Producer: How Do You Like It So Far?
Reporter/Editor: Breast Cancer at 19, Miranda Mckeon shares her story
Reporter/Editor: USC students reflect on National Coming Out Day
Host/Producer/Creator: The Claire Can Cook Podcast
Host/Producer/Creator: Claire-apy
Reporter/Editor: A month of suffering, The frustrations of Carson residents