Social Media

I am a social media maven. My journey in the social media world started with a DIY spirit. At age 13, I started my @clairecancook food account on Instagram. It was a canvas where I shared my culinary passions and navigated dietary restrictions with flair. In 2020, I launched my TikTok, where @clairecancook now has 44,000 followers. Clairecancook has been a sandbox for me to learn about digital storytelling, content creation, and building an audience across platforms.

In college, I had the opportunity to take on social media leadership roles and internships that expanded my skills in copywriting, trend reporting, analytics, newsletters, and community management. I am so passionate about social media, I decided to master it! I will complete my M.S. degree in digital social media in August 2024.

Social video work samples are linked below:

What are you listening to? for KXSC Radio

The Real Lemonade Mouth for Clairecancook

Expo West Coverage for Clairecancook

Unbelievable Barbie Moments for LAist

Now Serving for LAist